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Conclusion is an award winning fast-growing ICT consultancy full-service firm in the Netherlands. Characterised by a modern eco system organisation.


It went through several cycles of fast growth, both organic and by Mergers & Acquisitions, over a period of years. And since it is a people intensive organisation, attention was needed to the further development of the HR strategy, related processes (employee journey) and function whilst keeping it practical and down to earth in line with the company’s culture.


After (crisis) interim management in the first period in the broader field of HR including the recruitment function, HR goals were introduced to further develop the organisation. Amongst others a new employer brand was developed together with marketing to support the company’s further growth. In co-creation with the organisation, the development potential in the employee journey was identified including set up of related projects.


Later, the HR function itself was adjusted to ensure more focus, better internal cooperation and embedding of payroll, administration & compliance including necessary internal staffing changes & external hires.

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CACF Netherlands is the Dutch subsidiary of Crédit Agricole S.A., one of the largest banks in the world with almost 140.000 employees. CACF NL is market leader in consumer finance.


Despite its commercial success CACF got stuck in its development. Business development was no longer possible, and the company was in danger of losing its competitive position. One of the blocking factors was IT and the ability to support business development on a reliable and successful manner with projects and programs.


RibbonWood built the vision with the board of directors and senior managers and guided the change program. This involved diving into the blocking factors and transforming them to interventions. This involved redesign of a number of processes; shaping the organisation and culture; developing people; and transforming the ICT system.




GVB wants to increase its traveller satisfaction and organise a more shared vision on services  internally, eventually followed by a more congruently internal structure and way of working. 

A program has been started bottom up. For the next phase GVB wants to put the ‘Integral Service Concept’ higher on the strategic agenda. To create the desired results in the running program, but also to create a strategic  Services vision and organisation for the next Public Transport licence period of 10 yrs.  The underlying question is: how can organisational change work best at GVB to shape for the future?


The goal was to get a grip on this by setting up a program, evaluating results and redesigning and restarting so that the goal can be achieved.

In the first instance we connected with the current program: people, projects, rhythm, objectives. This has been focused and aligned with the goals of the program, especially in the long run. Research was also conducted into the vision and objectives of the program.


An advice was then drawn up for the steering committee for the follow-up. Core of the advice: clarify vision and objectives, strengthen and ground the program team & governance, communicate more transparently, report on progress, connect with all business stakeholders, work in 3-month sprints defined with an initial time horizon of 1 year.


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