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We coach teams as part of the change process.

As part of the transformation process, it is almost always necessary for teams to develop as well. This concerns then executive teams, management teams, but can also be about executive teams. The team is the cornerstone of a modern sustainable organization. So the performance of such a team is too.

The team is in the middle of the change process how we see it. Whether it's about establishing the plan, the vision; doing and monitoring the implementation or evaluation. People on the team should feel safe to express themselves. So that there is enough room for contradiction. The basis to results to come is then having to trust together.

Is that so? And to what extent?

Lencioni can be a very useful tool in this. But the implementation of Lencioni's ideas is mainly in it reflect regularly on the events and actions of the team itself. This creates the exchange of ideas, commitment to each other, the willingness to take responsibility and achieve results.

This is best done with the guidance of an organizational consultant/coach. It is often more difficult for a team to see the white spots, or to stay tight on the process. That is why we think that guidance can best come from outside.

We coach executive teams, management teams and functional teams as part of the transformation process. The RibbonWood 10s approach forms an important basis for this.

Want to know more about how we do that? Then book a no-obligation meeting with us. Press the button below and choose 'business change management'.

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