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Sustainable change without hassle

  • Simple

  • With lasting results

  • With the people of your own organization

Hassle will come anyway. But thanks to a smart approach, you connect well with your organisation, work towards lasting results and limit unnecessary hassle. Do you want to know how we do that? Make an appointment and let us inform you without obligation.

We are RibbonWood Consultancy. We put on sustainable change without hassle.

Change is spreading so quickly that change has really become the only constant. Organizations must therefore be adaptive. This means continuous attention to change, in such a manner that changes are being carried out by the people in the organisation. And hassle does come, it is sometimes necessary, but with a smart approach you limit unnecessary hassle and at the same time work on making the organisation more adaptive. That's the essence of sustainable change without hassle and the specialty of RibbonWood. We provide research and consultancy, program and interim management, coaching and training.

We have been working with our own proven successful approach since 2012: the 10s framework.

Download our short presentation of our change approach.

What concerns our customers

For our customers longer term value creation is important. This means that any organisation, private or public, can respond well to the ever faster changing circumstances. Our customers therefore often work on improving maneuverability. The power of diversity is becoming increasingly important in this respect, as is getting more out of it ICT/ information provision and the speeding up decision making by delegating more. The latter sometimes by using forms van self-organisation. Working on further developing the leadership is almost always an important part. This whole thing should lead to meer satisfied stakeholders: employees, directors, society and/or shareholders.

Why we do this.

Working on longer term value creation is a great job that fits our competences very well. In addition, in this way we not only contribute to the organisation but also to the changing society. We strive not only for agile organizations, but also for organizations that create maximum value for their stakeholders.

Read more about our vision on sustainable change.

What we deliver

Change management can be complex, but it is often presented as too complex. We simplify complexity and make vague language concrete.

To begin with, we want to understand the strategic challenge well. Therefore dwe open where necessary short research, then let's set one vision and change strategy fixed and then we facilitate the transformation


Today's challenges are permanently of nature. That is why it is important to create a working method, structure and culture that the organization adaptive to enable them to embrace change permanently. In our view, therefore, a way must be found to make change part of business-as-usual. 

This means bottom-up creating a lot of room for development. Strong leadership. Working on one learning organization who knows how to experiment with new working methods. While one clear vision and strategy necessary to ensure that this is done properly.

Curious how we do that? Read more about our approach for sustainable change. An approach firmly grounded in our six principles.

Prefer to consult immediately? Press the button below and book a no-obligation meeting with one of our consultants.

For who and how we work

We work for both public and private organizations. Our mission always comes from the top. We work quite closely with them. At the same time sustainable change worn by the people in the organization and thus invented by them. We therefore work most intensively with them. 

We have been working with us since 2012 own proven successful approach to organizational development: the 10s framework. This framework is based on scientific and empirical insights. Think of authors such as Argyris, Covey, Senge, Homan, Kotter Lewin and movements such as Agile.

This model has been proven in many public and private organizations and forms a solid foundation for our master class change management since 2014.

Who we are

We are RibbonWood! We work on sustainable change. We do this with two partners, a beautiful advisory board and a circle of associates. With this we have extensive experience in change management applied in both the private and public market.

We work from us office at Keizersgracht 241, Amsterdam and invite interested parties to talk to us, to challenge us, on change issues. 

Are you challenging us? Make an appointment immediately and press the button below.

Cases what we are proud of

We have been able to experience countless cases, we are proud of all these cases. Some of them are indicated below. The description of our cases of your here.

Focus on operation and new business models by reshaping vision, process and organisation.

Belize Telecommunications


Professionalization organization by improving employee journey


Logo 480px-Ministerie_van_Infrastructuur_en_Waterstaat_Logo.png

Improved services by restarting developer program

Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

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