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We are RibbonWood Consultancy. We are working on sustainable change without hassle.

Change is happening so fast that change has really become the only constant. Organizations must therefore be adaptive. This means continuous attention to change, in such a manner that changes are being carried out by the people in the organisation. This is the essence of sustainable change and RibbonWood's specialty. We provide research and advice, program and interim management, coaching and training. Read more about our story or sign up for our newsletter via the button below.


Our team

RibbonWood consists of two partners, a beautiful advisory Board and a circle of associates. We have extensive experience in change management and knowledge of and experience in both the private and public markets.

We work from our office at Keizersgracht 241, Amsterdam and invite interested parties to talk to us, to challenge us, on change issues. 

Challenge us! Make an appointment now and press the button below.

Our advisory Board

The RibbonWood Advisory Board. Photo was taken in the afternoon of the first meeting (July 4, 2019). From left to right: Femmeke Ruisch (RibbonWood), Maarten Vervoort (independent investor), Lia Belilos (Robeco), Eric Kuisch (Eurofiber), Kees Lindhout (RibbonWood), Joost Mortier (9292).

Our Council has since changed slightly. For example, Paul Slot (KPN) and Mariëlle Ploumen (Altrecht) have joined the Board. 

With this Advisory Board, RibbonWood is strengthened with a critical council that assists RibbonWood. Together, the team offers a broad spectrum consisting of: Venture Capital, Public Transport, ICT, HR, Telecom & Healthcare. Incidentally, we are still missing an RvA member from the government. We're looking for this.

Marcel Krom over Digitale Transformatie.jpg

Our network is important to us

We work with a selected number business partners: fellow entrepreneurs related to and complementary to our competences. This enables us to offer a nice range of services.

In addition, we regularly organize exclusive networking meetings for directors and executives from various industries: the RibbonWood Transformation Circle. The theme is always change and within that we look for issues together to inspire each other.

In addition to the Transformation Circle, we also arrange regular meetings with our associates and of course also our business partners.

We are always looking for good people.

In order to facilitate our growth, we are permanently looking for interested candidates. We are looking for partners and associates.

Partners are entrepreneurs who are dyed in the wool. It goes without saying that they have a demonstrable affinity with change / organizational development. Based on that experience, they are able to facilitate our clients in change as (program) manager and/or advisor. Partners are able to lead a team of consultants. Finally, partners have a good network that enables them to acquire assignments.


Partners are successful in their own right, but find it valuable to join a larger club. After all, together we can be even more successful!

Associates are independent professionals. Of course with an affinity for change. Associates, just like partners, find it valuable to join a larger network and are also prepared to use their own network for this larger whole.

Our focus at the moment lies on the public organization and (high-)tech. While we look at the care with a slanted eye. We would like to expand on that.

Are you interested enough for an introduction? Contact us and press the button below.

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