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Our view on sustainable change without hassle

Organizations are working on longer term value creation. This means that organisations can still be there tomorrow and add value to its environment. That environment is changing faster and faster for both private and public organisations. Private organizations feel increased competitive pressure. Public organizations are confronted with more pressure from government and society and social challenges that are becoming more complex.

To deal with this properly organizations must become adaptive. Because that context is changing faster and faster, the organisation must also keep up with it faster and faster. If you don't do this, you will be finished at some point.

Satisfied stakeholders are a good indicator of this adaptiveness based on the question: does the organisation still suit today's context?

But how do you do this? As an organisation, how do you ensure that you move along at a sufficient pace? And what is your strategic position? Is it enough if you move along or is your ambition higher? Do you want to be a trendsetter or is following enough? Then we come to sustainable change.

Sustainable change is the process to ensure that the above situation is achieved. The point is that that situation is never really reached. The context continues to change, at an ever-increasing pace. This means that change must become part of business as usual. This also means that decision-making must be accelerated by delegating as much as possible where possible. Forms of  organisation are certainly interesting to explore. Doing more with IV/ICT is also an option. But also working on leadership. For management, it is often not quite normal to work on change in addition to working on business as usual. This takes quite a bit.

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