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We are happy to share our knowledge with you. We regularly post updates, so remember this page!

Change is a field of expertise. There are many tools, insights and resources available. But what really takes you further? On this page you will find:

  • Practical tools, such as templates.

  • A4 sheets (our 'Nutshells') highlighting specific themes.

  • Brochures on various topics, including our training courses.

Do you have any questions about these downloads? Contact us via our contact page or chat with us via the button at the bottom right.

Vision and strategy

Je wilt veranderen, maar wat is er precies aan de hand? Kort onderzoek kan helpen om het plan te richten.

Vision and strategy template

A PowerPoint template of the model discussed here .

Visie en strategie

Je weet wat te doen, maar hoe ziet het baken voor de toekomst eruit? Waarom deze verandering? Wat zijn de doelen? Hoe ga je ze realiseren?

Visie en strategie

  • De nutshell, visie en strategie op een A4tje, in een notendop.

  • Download de powerpoint template van ons visiemodel.


Veel geplande verandering faalt (nog steeds). Hoe doe je dit wel succesvol? Onze aanpak steunt op wetenschap en inzichten vanuit de praktijk.

Presentation on sustainable change approach (10s)

Our 10s (10 steps) approach is an approach for sustainable change. This means tackling a change in such a way that it is successful, but also supported by the people in the organization. This means that the result is permanent, but so is the method of change.

Brochure approach for sustainable change (10s) 

Curious and would you like to read more about 10s? Then download our brochure.

Short interventions

Ben je op zoek naar een goede training in verandervaardigheden voor leiderschap of teams? Kijk dan bij onze trainingen.

Brochure Masterclass Change Management

Brochure of our Change Management Masterclass. Four half-days based on your own case. Always tailored to your situation. Only in-company so that we can fully focus on demand.

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