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Ethical reflection as an instrument for change.

  • For moderators

  • In two days

  • Practical practice with your own case

  • In the broader context of change management and system change

Over hoe reflectie kan bijdragen aan de ontwikkeling van teams en de organisatie waar ze onderdeel van uitmaakt.

Our master class is organized exclusively in-company. The big advantage of this way of working is that we have the basic training in-house and can tailor it completely to your organization.

It is still the case that 70% of planned change processes fail.With our masterclass you will learn how it can be done! Important ingredients are: how do you take them with you? How do you combine top-down management with a bottom-up search process? How can you steer towards goals and at the same time be open to new insights? How do you make culture tangible?

The basis of the master class is formed byyour own  case. As a result, the training focuses on your issue. In various 'game rounds' you take steps in analysis and practice with interventions. Theory is offered as needed. Think of authors such as Argyris, Covey, Senge, Homan, Kotter, Lewin and movements such as Agile.

At the end of the workout:

  • Do you know how to effectively combine top-down management with bottom-up search. How you can plan your work and still respond to new insights. How to stimulate organizational learning.

  • Do you know how to take people into change. How to make everyone's change.

  • You know how to diagnose your problem, how to arrive at a vision and strategy and how to successfully implement it.

  • You have knowledge of our unique 10-step approach and various other perspectives that enable you to draw up your own plan.

  • Have you made a vision and strategy for your own case?

For whom.

  • The master class focuses on executives who have been through it all. In this way they can share experiences with each other and make each other stronger.

  • At the same time, we only give this masterclass in-company and it is therefore also possible to focus the masterclass on functional teams such as HR or policy advisors.

Why with us?

  • We are people from the field. We don't have teachers who go through other people's material. We are professionals and provide this training based on our existing work practice. You learn from the professional.

  • We are the only one that offers a masterclass for agile change based on our 10s framework.
    Of course you also learn from the change management insights from the market and the gurus (think of Agile, Lean, Senge, Kotter, Covey, Homan, Caluwé, Vermaak, etc.). But it is precisely the 10s framework that places these insights in a framework so that you can also get started right away. Without dogmatics.

  • Others preceded you and were enthusiastic.
    Think of participants from companies such as Achmea, ABN AMRO, NS, KLM, Essent, AMC, Allianz and KPN. They were all very enthusiastic. They found the Masterclass pleasantly short (4 half-days), at the same time with sufficient depth; and practical by working with concrete cases.

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