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RibbonWood Training


1. Study agreement

The study agreement is concluded between the person who purchases the training ('you') and RibbonWoodConsultancy ('RibbonWood'). The study agreement is concluded by your acceptance of the offer from RibbonWood (the registration) and the confirmation thereof by RibbonWood via the confirmation email. The study agreement applies to the total duration of the study programme. RibbonWood assumes that you will actively participate in the training. RibbonWood takes care of the planning and scheduling of the teachers.


2. Registration and reflection period

By registering, you enter into a study agreement for the duration of the training as stated on our website and you agree to the conditions as stated here. The training information can be found on the RibbonWood website and brochure. The services and support arising from the study agreement are personal and non-transferable. The agreement is concluded as soon as RibbonWood has received your registration and RibbonWood has confirmed receipt thereof. You will receive confirmation of the agreement by e-mail. There is a cooling-off period of fourteen days from the moment we have confirmed the registration to you (right of withdrawal). You make use of the right of withdrawal by sending an unambiguous statement by post or e-mail within this period that you wish to dissolve the agreement.


3. Entry Requirements

To be admitted to the RibbonWood Training, RibbonWood sometimes takes an intake. In that case, the intake will have to lead to a positive result. This will test whether you can be on an equal level with fellow participants when it comes to sharing experiences.


4. Payment options and late payment

After registration you will receive an invoice from us. A payment term of 30 days applies for this. If you do not meet this term, you will receive a reminder from us. You remain liable at all times for compliance with your payment obligation


5. Study duration

The study agreement ends automatically after the expiry of the study duration as determined in your registration; the mutual rights and obligations cease to exist when the study agreement ends.


6. Cancellation

A registration can be canceled or canceled at any time.


  • If you cancel up to 4 weeks before the start, a registration can be canceled free of charge.

  • In case of cancellation between 2 and 4 weeks before the start, the entrant pays 50% of the agreed price, less study material that has not yet been received. For courses of 1 academic year or longer, the User pays 50% of the agreed price for the first academic year.

  • In case of cancellation less than 2 weeks before the start, the enroller pays 100% of the agreed price, less study material that has not yet been received.

7. Teaching materials

You may keep the teaching materials for which the tuition has been paid, but not use them other than for personal study. Selling or handing over the teaching material to third parties is not permitted. The copyright and intellectual property rights of the study material rest with RibbonWood (if applicable).


8. Complaints procedure

RibbonWood wants to handle customer reactions and complaints well. For us, a complaint is an impulse for improvement and contributes to making our organization successful. A complaint also has a major impact on our customer satisfaction and the quality of our offer. If you have a complaint, please report this as soon as possible to our organization or directly via the teacher.

9. Applicable Law and Liability

Dutch law applies to the study agreement.

10. General Data Protection Regulation

RibbonWood would like to point out, in the context of the applicable legal privacy legislation, that the information you provide, such as email address, name, address and place of residence, will be included in the (customer) administration. RibbonWood will only use your data to carry out the training for which you are registered and to continue to inform you about RibbonWood's courses or related information. If you object to this use of your data, you can let RibbonWood know in writing or by e-mail. RibbonWood does not sell personal information to third parties.

You have the right to view your data and the right to have your data removed. If you would like to make use of this, please email us at .  


11. Change of conditions

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the registration conditions can be changed by RibbonWood. RibbonWood will publish changes on the RibbonWood website at least two weeks before the effective date.


[version July 2019]

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