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The transformation process. Still only 70% of the planned changes succeed. Want to know how you can succeed? Then read on.

The transformation process is the hardest part of change. You want to achieve your goals, but when it comes to real change, you want to do it differently than you did and then it's about system change. That is the structural adjustment of working method, structure and culture. And that can be very tough because the prevailing system is actively pushing back.

In addition, you will want to work on creating one adaptive organization. After all, the whole idea of sustainable change is that the organization will also add value tomorrow. The changes in the context are happening so fast that it no longer makes sense to start a change program every now and then, but change must become part of business-as-usual. This places demands on the change programme, on leadership and on the people in the organisation. A learning/ adapative approach is important.

To steer this process in the right direction, it is useful to get help from consultants who have experience in this. Give us a try!

Our servicesfocuses on the entire change process: on establishing vision and strategy, doing additional short research and facilitating execution based on best practices approach (10s). We do the latter by providing change management (program management and advice), but also through the coaching teams.

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Training and Intervision is a logical part of transformation

In practice, we work with a learning approach. The formal managers also have a position in this and learn along with it. At the same time, it can have a reinforcing effect, as managers, to exchange issues and ideas. But also to get theory presented. What does science say or what do other people's experiences say about my issue?

That is why we also offer training. The base is our master class change management. We have been offering this since 2014. The concept of this masterclass is meeting equal colleagues who, based on their own case, strengthen and inspire each other.

In a slightly more extensive form, we also use this masterclass for internal leadership trajectories.

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Anticipate with role play

Good change management is also good stakeholder management. Who does what? Who has what interest? How will he or she react? Of course there are all kinds of models for this, but they are just not for this purpose, or sometimes too complex.

We therefore looked back over more than 10 years of experience and analyzed the executives we had to deal with. And, of course, no one is a caricature, but there are often one or two dimensions that are dominant. If you better understand how this person works, what he or she finds important, then you also know how best to approach this person. So you can get the most out of your interaction.

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