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The RibbonWood Transformation Circle. The business network for directors and directors for change issues.

Lead transformation better and faster share knowledge, and learn from each other; not only based on success stories, but through real stories also with mistakes and lessons learned.

In recent years (non) executives in our network have expressed the need to practical change stories to exchange. In the Netherlands there is not yet such a structural circle of (non) executive leaders who regularly share this kind of personal experience and learn from each other.

Based on our group events organized in the past, our successful change management masterclass, consultancy practice and personal experiences of the RibbonWood partners, we started the RibbonWood Transformation Circle. A circle in which members share each other know and appreciate and interacting in person a few times a year in a full service facilitated environment.

In brief:

  • Learn from each other, not only from success stories, but especially from the lessons learned.

  • For board members and directors in a circle of 8 to 15 participants.

  • Unique in the broad composition of the group

  • Always well taken care of in a beautiful space and a good dinner.

  • Three times a year 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM.

Become members invited by RibbonWood partners or by the RibbonWood Advisory Board. Not invited but interested? Please contact Femmeke Ruisch or download our brochure.

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