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Do you want to become partner at RibbonWood? Doing business from a solid base?

Who we are.

We are RibbonWood. We work on organizations of tomorrow. The hallmark of tomorrow's organizations is that they will still be there tomorrow. This means that they must be able to adapt continuously and faster to changing circumstances. These organizations are sustainable and know how to adapt very quickly to changing circumstances. RibbonWood is the organizational consultancy for sustainable change. We specialize in change management and provide research and advice, program and interim management, coaching and training.

What we ask.

We work with partners and associates. Partners are his entrepreneurs who are dyed in the wool. It goes without saying that they have a demonstrable affinity with change / organizational development. Based on that experience, they are able to facilitate our clients in change as (program) manager and/or advisor. Partners are capable to lead to a team of consultants. After all, partners have one good network enabling them to acquire assignments.

Partners are successful in their own right, but find it valuable to join a larger club. After all, together we can be even more successful! 

What we offer.

We offer a fun entrepreneurial environment in which you work with fellow partners and associates on sustainable change. Given the size of our company, you enjoy a lot of freedom and a large contribution. We also expect the same from our partners.

How to get in touch

Click on the button below and book an introductory appointment.

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