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Coaching Nyenrode students

Bijgewerkt op: 7 sep. 2021

In April partners Saskia Bouter & Femmeke Ruisch took on the coaching of the full time Nyenrode students during their Personal Leadership & Development track.

The aim of our guidance & coaching is to facilitate the student's learning curve during their first consultancy assignments. In this case for Vodafone-Ziggo & Ahold Delhaize. Both partners took on 3 student teams per company. Until now, these tracks have always been face2face, but this time it had to be digital only right from the start due to Covid-19. We had some individual coaching sessions by telephone and lots of teams meetings:

  • Individual sessions to discuss with students one on one on how to prepare for a certain role.

  • Team meetings to help aligning the teams individually and collectively.

  • And even more teams meetings ;) to prepare for client contact moments and (draft) group work & progress meetings.

The semi & final group presentations were held in a 1,5 meter blended session with positively tested students present on line:

The end presentation in July, just before the summer vacations, were held in the Nyenrode gym, yes of all their nice places it had to be this very special one this time;), to safeguard enough personal distance in Corona times.

In the next period we will start preparing for the new tracks together with the Nyenrode internal faculty. We are looking forward to take on new student groups working on Nyenrodes' business relations & alumni organisations' cases!

For more information about our coaching solutions for companies & organisations, feel free to drop us a question:


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