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Unlock operational & change potential with the most intuitive roles ever!

We all know the biggest succesfactor for high performing on strategy implementation is unlocking individual & team potential to the MAX. True for all teams. Especially for management & leadership teams who need to manage & lead day to day operations as well as innovation & implementation of new business models, products & services.

We at RibbonWood have been using various seasoned individual & team role models: Real Drives, Management Drives, Insights, MBTI etc etc.

All not exactly fitting the need for addressing individual & team strengths and blanc spots when having to lead both current operational and new business initiatives. After searching, but not finding, the right solution for what we were missing in our consultancy practise, advanced masterclass change management and client work we decided to develop our very own.

At our offices at Amsterdam Keizersgracht, we held a series of inspiring sessions amongst ourselves and close (executive) business relations. And also tested it upon our own RibbonWood partnerteam.

We even did some back & forth checking via whatsapp with some close relations abroad. Each time confirming how incredibly fast & intuitively the six roles and their primary axes lead to the essence of a person's operating style.

So take a look, guess your profile, discuss with others and let us know if you like to learn more about it e.g. during our "sparring over lunch sessions" on Fridays at Keizersgracht.


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