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Strategy update

Bijgewerkt op: 30 jul. 2019

Thursday, July the 4th, we held our first RibbonWood Advisory Council. This council was held with Eric Kuisch, Maarten Vervoort, Joost Mortier, Lia Belilos, Femmeke Ruisch and Kees Lindhout. Michiel van Kruijsbergen is also member of this council but was unfortunately not able to participate this evening.

Based on the outcome is this council we updated our strategy:

(1) The 10s framework guarantees succes in business change/ transformation. Strongest point of RibbonWood is a sound approach for change, the 10s framework. This approach was established in 2012 and used multiple times since then. Given this vast amount of experience with this best practices framework RibbonWood is able to guarantee success. This is what makes RibbonWood unique. Advice of the council was to make that a stronger point in the marketing and sales approach.

(2) We add research to our offerings. Our strongest point could also be read as our weakest point. Our website, marketing & sales approach is too much focussed on implementing change. As pointed out above, this is our strongest asset, but is not the first thing our prospects are interested in. They have to deal with their business goals first. Organisations are dealing with all kinds of challenges, like: why is our growth behind? How to unlock the potential in my organisation? How increase the time to market? Why are we slower than the competition?

Meaning that, before starting a transformation/ change program, companies are in a different phase. In this phase awareness grows about what's happening in the market and in the organisation. During this phase research has to be done. This was an implicit part of our product suite. Now we decided make this explicit.

(3) To help organisations change is what we do. There is a lot more to tell about what we plan to do. But it all comes down to this single phrase: we help organisations change. In any stage. Full service.

Where does this leave us? Why should organisations do business with us?

We still are strong in implementing change. We enhance this position by adding the guarantee to deliver succes. We can do this since we use our unique 10s framework. We added research to our offerings.


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